I did identity work starting out in my career.

It's a great opportunity to create the keystone of a brand. It's also very hard to make something so distinctive and yet give it the ability to build a big language on top of it.

EveryLayer's goal is to provide Wi-Fi to all of Africa in the next decade. That's around one billion people. They needed a new name and lockup. The slide below shows type and name explorations before we landed on the name "EveryLayer".

I made this for a Brooklyn band.

This is an identity I created for a company in Philadelphia that develops youth soccer players for the professional level. They have a deal with the Philly Union and they wanted to style themselves like programs in Europe and South America. They had many branches that needed to be included so the program had to be flexible but interlocking.

This is a custom typeface I created for the brand.

These are initial sketches with various type and colors. There were pencils before this stage.